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Hey everyone who has ordered DA prints before: Are lustre prints printed on heavier paper than matte or glossy prints? I keep having problems with seeing the printing info (the ID and print name that is printed on the back of the print) through the front of light colored prints (on both glossy and matte). Any suggestions?
I have a lot of new things available in my online shop ( including Doctor Who and Bill Murray prints and handmade collage jewelry. Please check it out!

Leave a comment on my Facebook page or my blog for a chance to win a free print. I will pick 2 random winners - one from Facebook page ( and one from my blog ( - so comment on both and double your chances of winning. If you win, you will get to choose a print from those that I have in stock at home.

The winners will be announced Wednesday, July 27.
New things available:

Alphabet Book…

2011 Calendar…

Doctor Who prints (coming soon to my shop)
I have a few other places where you can see my art, including a new Facebook page.




I am also working on streamlining my website, which it really needs .
The original collages for Dead Space, 2001, and Poison Ivy are now up for sale in my online shop. More coming soon.
I thought I would take a minute and explain what exactly this whole "Nerd Love" thing is that I am doing.

In an attempt to keep my collage skills from getting rusty and to keep myself art-motivated, I started this here Nerd Love project. Every week I will be making a new, nerdy collage - the goal is to post a new piece every Monday (although I expect there will be some weeks where life gets in the way). I always have ideas for fan-art but never really had a reason to make any, so this is me having fun with 52 of my favorite geeky, nerdy characters. Since this will be fan-art, I most likely will not be selling prints of any of these pieces - just the originals (some of which will be available in my online shop at

I will usually post them here on Mondays, but you can also see them on my blog:
I need to buy a new flat bed scanner to use for scanning my art. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good scanner that has good depth of field? I have a scanner on my printer, but it can't capture the depth of the collages.

I've been using an old Microtek i700 at work which works well but isn't available anymore.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
My boyfriend Evan is participating in Extra Life 2009 - a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer research at the Texas Children's Hospital.

Here is more information from Evan:

It's that time again...

On October 17th, I will be joining thousands of gamers worldwide to play video games for 24 hours to raise money for pediatric cancer treatment and research at Texas Children's Hospital.

Like last year, I will be dedicating my questionable vocal performances in Rock Band to those who donate. And you can pick your own song, provided I didn't do it last time.

Your tax-deductible donations will go to help this hospital continue to provide life-saving treatment for children from around the world. Last year, Extra Life raised more than $120,000 to help Texas Children's Hospital fight pediatric cancer. This year I think we can do even better. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Click here to donate:…

Click here for more information about the event:
I have a new shirt up in the shirt.woot derby. If you like it, please vote HERE.
If you are a voting member of shirt.woot please vote for my shirt in this week's derby.…
If you are a voting member of shirt.woot please vote for my shirt in this week's derby.…
Hey everyone! I just posted a bunch of pictures on my blog from my recent gallery show. I also kept a photo journal while I was getting ready for the show, so there are lots of "work in progress" shots as well.

bunnypirates [dot] blogspot [dot] com
I tried my hand at a submission for the weekly derby on This week's theme is circus - i used some of the basic ideas from the Sepia Circus collage and ran with it.

Click here if you like it enough to vote on it:…

*You have to be logged on to to vote*
This isn't necessarily art related, but it's cool, so I think that should count.

My boyfriend Evan is participating in the fundraising campaign EXTRA LIFE. It is a 24-hour video-game marathon which raises money for pediatric cancer research and treatment at the Texas Children's Hospital

Here is more information, from Evan:

"On October 18th, I will be participating in this event, in which thousands of gamers worldwide will play videogames for 24 hours to raise money for pediatric cancer treatment and research at Texas Children's Hospital.

To be honest, this is probably how I'd be spending my Saturday anyway, but now my laziness and fear of fresh air will be for a good cause.

Your tax-deductible donations will go to help this hospital continue to provide life-saving treatment for children from around the world. Thank you very much for your generosity."

Click the links to find out more about The Extra Life event and The Texas Children's Hospital.

If  you are interested in sponsoring Evan, click here. You can sponsor as little as $1 an hour  - every little bit helps.
Just a note to say that I have a bunch of new prints available in my shop!
Hey guys - Just wanted to let you know that I have a submission in at Threadless that needs votes.

Click here to vote:

My Submission
I recently became a member of a local art gallery and they've asked that I start matting my work. I have very little experience with matting (having only matted photos in my photography classes) so I was hoping you guys could answer a question for me. I'm not sure how to suspend my artwork in the mat. The art is on thick board so photo corners won't really work. I know that I can use linen tape, but I'm not sure the best way to apply it. Any suggestions would be mighty helpful.

In other news, I have a bunch of new art pieces nearly completed so I'll have new work up next week. :D
I got this from enchanted-black-rose's journal.

1) Answer the questions below
2) Take each answer and type it into dA search box
3) Take a deviation from the first page of results (may use ' popular' or 'newest' ) and post thumb (for subscribers) or link (non-subscribers)
4) You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you

1. The age you will be on your next birthday: 26
26 by blackflamingo24

2. A place you'd like to travel: New Zealand
Misty Field, New Zealand by kmaisch

3. Your favorite place: Three Mile Lake, Muskoka, Canada
Three Mile Sunset by coloneldrew

4. Your favorite object: Dumpy Bear (my big, sad looking teddy bear)
bear by ohhdahhling

5. Favorite food: Pasta

6. Your favorite animal: Penguins
Penguin by clae85

7. Your favorite color: Pink

8. The town in which you live: Lincoln, Nebraska

9. Name of past pet: Crimson Jack (a beta fish, not a puppy)
Crimson by Irishmcd

10. A dream come true: Becoming a successful children's illustrator.
.queen of imagination. by Pocket-Zoo

11. Your nickname/screenname: I'm Renton pretty much everywhere (from the character Mark Renton in Trainspotting)
Ewan Mcgregor by violentjelly

12. Middle name: Hart.

13. Favorite Smell: Lilacs.
Lilacs by Nogert

14. Bad habit of yours: I'm a pack-rat. I can't throw anything away.
Packrat by ursulav

15. Your first job: I worked as an assistant Doll maker - I stuffed doll bodies, sewed on hair, folded patterns, and glued things. :)
Like a doll by muszka

16. Favourite Movie: I can't really pick a favorite - I can probably narrow it down to Velvet Goldmine and John Carpenter's The Thing.
    The Thing by BryanBaugh

17. What are you doing right now? Working.
working... by icescalar

18. Whats The Weather Like? Sunny with a -23 degree wind chill.
Thirteen Degrees by girltripped

19. Favourite Sport: Badminton.

20. Favourite Music/Style/Band: Indie / The Decemberists
Thank you for all of the digital art input!

I have another question for you guys:

I'm trying to get some money together for a trip to Rome in March, and was thinking of selling original 8x10 collages on my etsy site. They'd be $45 plus S&H, and I just wanted to check and see if anyone would be interested in such a thing. I think some of the pieces are going to be fan-art collages (Hiro from Heroes, Cloud Strife, Pikmin, Blade Runner, and Bioshock) as well as some original pieces. I can also do commissions for the same price.